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School Buildings Are Being Devalued

Monday, November 27, 2023

The school building is under attack... literally. The school building is the place where we gather to share ideas, help each other grow, encourage one another's successes and help one another through setbacks. It's where we meet people, form long-lasting friendships, figure out what we like and dislike, develop a love for learning under the influence of a positive mentor and other members of the tribe. Why is it under attack? It is not a simple answer like some suggest. Schools are a symbol of milestones, connections, and accomplishments as well as a symbol of rejection, failure, alienation and heartache. Those who identify with the first set of adjectives can barely understand how anyone can see it any other way, yet those who identify with the latter struggle to see anything positive in the brick and mortar that is a school building. The past two years has challenged the value of the existence of these "relics" of the past implying that students can be served remotely via Zoom and online delivery of course curricula. What cannot be delivered online is the connection of a community. It is difficult to communicate, cooperate, and feel genuine compassion through a screen- even though it is just as present in either form. The advantage of being together is the secret to the success of our society in the future. It is during the formative years of school that we learn to get along- even with those with whom we do not agree. It is where we learn the value of in-person conversations and collaboration efforts that work better than the technological trade-off. Being present with those in your presence is the key to making the brick and mortar school building valuable. Sitting in isolation amongst twenty-five of your peers while playing a game, or streaming, or scrolling endless social media posts is not a good way to develop the need for significance or love and connection unless you are one of the online influencers receiving praise from those who are in isolation. The school building is the gathering place for our communities to practice compassion, unlike the faceless social media version of trolling and verbal abuse which leads to fewer and fewer meaningful conversations. The school building is where collaboration begins, cooperation is established, community begins and where the basis of a society is forged. It truly is where it all starts.

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask... and the people from whom you seek to get the answers.

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