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The World Cheers For You

Saturday, December 02, 2023

When a child learns to walk, even strangers cheer for them to be successful. When a kid learns to ride a bike, strangers will stop to watch in anticipation to cheer them on. When do we stop cheering for each other? Maybe the reason we never give up the idea of walking is that we feel that the whole world is rooting for us. We continue to get up and fall down repeatedly until at some point, we figure out how to stay up more than we fall. We want to capture the first time our child is successful at walking, but we have lost interest in the falls that created that success. We should try to capture her last fall as well. Take time today to recognize a couple of things about people: find somebody doing something well for the first time (or early in the process); find somebody failing for (maybe) the last time, and celebrate all the failures that have lead to their success. Both types of recognition are necessary to keep people moving toward being successful. Go cheer somebody on!! Make a difference.

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