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Think Bigger Than Yourself

Monday, October 24, 2022

Where do you spend the most time? Alone online or playing video games? Or with others sharing ideas of how to make something meaningful for others? Maybe just with others, but maybe not developing something meaningful? Why not? Why not engage in the act of making something better than it is? Just start by sharing ideas with some like-minded people who share a passion to make the world a better! Start small, and act now. Decide to volunteer for a local food shelf, or help pick up garbage in your neighborhood. Help one of your neighbors with a household task, like raking leaves, mowing the grass, or if you are up north, shoveling the spring snow. Develop ideas that might outlast you. Think bigger than yourself. Think about how your community would be if EVERYBODY thought to do this sort of thing. Think about how much better you feel when you do things for others rather than just thinking of yourself. Make the leap. Ask for help, and get to work. Maybe, just maybe, you will start a chain reaction of action that will lead to something special. What will happen if you don't? Nothing. Which is what you will get in return. So what are you waiting for? Get going, and make a difference that will benefit others. Now.

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